About Us

Our Purpose

Bringing medical equipment and devices to the world is filled with excitement and opportunity, products that matter, and markets that need them.

But on the road from innovation to global distribution, there are many false starts: inaccurate market insight, lack of partner alignment, unexpected regulatory issues, assumptions that a channel strategy in-place in one market will succeed in another. A successful market strategy requires so many things to align, and when they don’t, you lose time, money, credibility, and momentum.

We developed myCaribou, a channel optimization platform, so medical device manufacturers and distributors can accelerate growth in markets around the world.

Our Brand

Caribou migrate further than any other land animal.

We’ve aligned our brand to represent the long distances caribou travel, as we’re helping medical device manufacturers and distributors accelerate growth in markets around the world.

Caribou are known to be wise and purpose-led; they recognize strength in numbers.

We illustrate the selfless nature of caribou in our use of connected-dot graphics, representing our ability to connect people, partners, and devices across the globe. In addition, myCaribou donates 1% of all revenue to healthcare and veterinary causes. It’s our way of making sure that as we grow, we help our communities do the same—because we’re all a part of the same herd.

Our Team

The myCaribou team is made up of professionals with complementary strengths aligned to accomplish our goals. We’ve built successful software companies and developed countless meaningful relationships over decades of experience in the Medical Device industry. Meet the people determined to accomplish myCaribou’s mission.

Brad Robbins
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Craig MacInnis
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Roberto Ramesar
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Bast
Co-Founder & Head of Financial Solutions
Scott Newton
Co-Founder and Industry Advisor
Melanie Dowhaniuk
Chief Marketing Officer
Mark Bailey
Director R&D
Angela Footwinkler
Marketing Director
Lindsay Wilton
Customer Care Director
Rima Pandya
Business Development Director

Join the Herd

myCaribou is an equal opportunity employer. To see a list of available career opportunities, visit our LinkedIn page.

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