Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and signup is simple. You can invite any existing partners to a secure, shared workspace. When you invite a channel partner to your workspace, they simply need to verify their company information and create a myCaribou account to begin collaborating.

Trust and security are of the utmost importance to myCaribou and our customers. myCaribou employs secure and robust physical data centers, firewalls, encryption at rest and in-transit, 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection and many more services. In addition, myCaribou has been designed with a layered “deny by default” architecture, meaning appropriate credentials are required at every layer of the myCaribou service, and bypassing any single layer does not expose access to underlying layers of the platform. For complete details about myCaribou’s security practices, visit our Security Overview page here.

myCaribou uses sophisticated matching capabilities that utilize company fit, product alignment, and call point synergies to help you shortlist potential partners. Potential partners should continue to evaluate each other for fit based on additional criteria.

Other solutions are typically simple directories with inaccurate and outdated information. myCaribou is much more robust, allowing you to source and match with partners based on company fit, product alignment, and call point synergies. We continually verify the accuracy of our database’s information, so it’s always up to date.

In addition to partner matching capabilities, myCaribou includes channel building, market research, business planning and collaboration tools, and powerful reports and dashboards that allow you to manage your global channels.

For many manufacturers and distributors, communication is happening, but inefficiently. myCaribou makes it easier for medical device manufacturers and distributors to organize and manage relationships, and ensures continuity within your organization.

In addition to myCaribou’s market insights, partner matching tool, and reporting dashboards, you’ll have access to shared workspaces for real-time collaboration with partners.

Medical device markets are constantly changing, but with hundreds of data points on each market, including medical device spending, healthcare assets, surgical procedures, and more, myCaribou streamlines your market research activities by providing vetted and verified market-specific data points within a single platform. This radically reduces the time required to research and stay up to date on the trends taking place around the world.

We believe anyone responsible for driving revenue should use myCaribou. Even so, we realize not every organization has the same needs, so we built myCaribou to be adaptable to your organization’s preferences. Power users may want to leverage tools like discussion boards, business plans, and task tracking, whereas executives may simply want quick access to a global view of channel operations and performance.

You can invite anyone from your organization and customize their level of authority for more effective collaboration.

myCaribou is a platform designed specifically for the medical technologies (medtech) industry. Medical device, equipment and supplies manufacturers, distributors and consultants will benefit from myCaribou’s channel optimization platform.

myCaribou employs a team dedicated to continually updating and verifying the accuracy of our data.

We regularly update the data points for each country, combining both publicly available and proprietary data into a secure and easy-to-access format, saving you the time-consuming hassle of collecting it yourself.

For medical device manufacturer and distributor data, we seek out medical device companies and scrub data for company info like product categories, call points, and certifications. Our dedicated and intentional approach makes myCaribou the most comprehensive database of medical manufacturers and distributors in the market.

Validated representatives from your company can sign into myCaribou, claim their Company Profile and update its information.

myCaribou’s platform is built to accommodate Direct, Indirect, and Hybrid channels.  Planning, collaborating, tracking, and measuring performance of channels happens in both direct and indirect channels.

myCaribou is not built to replace CRM systems that may currently be in use to manage prospect or customer pipelines. myCaribou’s focus is on ensuring manufacturers, distributors and their partners have a secure space to access new and existing relationships in one place, while providing powerful tools to collaborate together in an environment designed specifically for the Medical Device market.