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Show notes by question: Establishing Performance Metrics with Denis Cantin

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Today’s topic is focused on establishing performance goals between manufacturers and distributors. Denis Cantin, Principal Consultant, Advisor, Expeditor at True North Health dives deep into the importance of establishing KPIs and how to agree on them.

Questions Include:

  • When medtech manufacturers and distributors start working together in a market, how important is it to establish KPIs?
  • How do we agree on what these KPIs should be?
  • Should we agree on KPIs before we sign a contract?
  • How do we measure and track KPIs?
  • How often should we reset our KPIs, or discuss setting new KPIs?
  • How do KPIs tie back to contracts?  What happens if we aren’t meeting them?
  • What are examples of KPIs you have used previously with success?
  • Some would argue that if we are hitting our sales targets, we don’t need to worry about KPIs.  Do you agree with that?
  • Any final words of advice?
Denis Cantin

Denis Cantin
Principal Consultant, Advisor, Expediter,
True North Health Pty

Denis is an experienced advisor and expediter to the Medical Device and Consumables Sector, supporting manufacturers and distributors to achieve commercial success in new overseas markets. With over 20+ years in the medical device industry, Denis is an accomplished sales professional with senior leadership positions at Cardinal Health and Medline. He is qualified by measurable achievements in sales growth and business development, bottom line profitability, and a stellar track record of superior performance in sales results and customer relationship management.