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Relationships between manufacturers and distributors always start with great expectations and enthusiasm. But 6 out of 10 times, these partnerships fail, resulting in lost revenue, lost time, and lost ground to competitors. How can you avoid the pitfalls and ensure that the investment in your partnership pays off?

Hear from industry experts on our virtual panel as they discuss the reasons medical device, equipment, and supplies partnerships fail, and how to build long-lasting, successful partnerships.

Topics Covered

  • The importance of understanding new markets before entry, and the tremendous costs of a false-start
  • Why manufacturers and distributors choose the wrong partners so often, and the impacts of a poor partnership
  • Little-known reasons partnerships can fail even if both sides are a good fit
  • How to repair a failing partnership, and when to cut your losses
  • What qualities experts see in the most successful partnerships

Hakeem Adebiyi
Chief Commercial Officer
Hegenberger Medical

Hakeem Adebiyi has been leading organizations commercially for 28 years. His export journey started in 2014 and using all his commercial experience, he managed to deliver exponential growth internationally which helped in the business being acquired twice during his tenure. His success is down to his simple no-nonsense approach to business and specifically building strong distributor/exporter relationships.

Paul Hoff
International Sales Manager
Acime Frame

Paul has almost 20 years experience of managing distribution channels in healthcare and optimizing and growing international business relationships globally. Currently, Paul is responsible for the global growth and business development for Acime Frame, an innovative French manufacturer of high quality ambulatory solutions for various hospital services. Paul has successfully doubled sales in past roles by penetrating new growth markets and successfully onboarding new distributors.

Serge Rawyler
Sales Director

Serge is an experienced medtech sales professional for one of the fastest-growing Swiss medtech distributors. As a leader for Somapharm, Serge is responsible for building and managing successful partnerships with leading urology, gynecology, gastroenterology, and OR general surgical products manufacturers from around the world.  His past experience includes Johnson & Johnson and Laborie.