Relationships between manufacturers and distributors always start with great expectations and enthusiasm. But 6 out of 10 times, these partnerships fail, resulting in lost revenue, lost time and lost ground to competitors. How can you avoid the pitfalls and ensure that the investment in your partnership pays off?

Hear from industry experts on our virtual panel as they discuss the reasons medical device, equipment and supplies partnerships fail, and how to build long-lasting, successful partnerships.

Key Insights:

  1. The importance of understanding new markets before entry, and the tremendous costs of a false-start
  2. Why manufacturers and distributors choose the wrong partners so often, and the impacts of a poor partnership
  3. Little-known reasons partnerships can fail even if both sides are a good fit
  4. How to repair a failing partnership, and when to cut your losses
  5. What qualities experts see in the most successful partnerships
Denis Cantin

Denis Cantin
Principal Consultant, Advisor, Expediter,
True North Health Pty

Denis is an experienced advisor and expediter to the Medical Device and Consumables Sector, supporting manufacturers and distributors to achieve commercial success in new overseas markets. With over 20+ years in the medical device industry, Denis is an accomplished sales professional with senior leadership positions at Cardinal Health and Medline. He is qualified by measurable achievements in sales growth and business development, bottom line profitability, and a stellar track record of superior performance in sales results and customer relationship management.

Don Cere

Don Cere
Cere Healthcare Consultants

Don is a strategic healthcare executive focused on enabling global healthcare companies in entering and maximizing their opportunities in the Canadian healthcare market. He has over 30 years of healthcare experience as an executive at Cardinal Health, Canada’s largest healthcare distribution company. Don has expertise that encompasses marketing, sales , global sourcing, legal, regulatory and quality assurance and logistics in the acute, alternate care and laboratory markets.

Scott Newton
Co-Founder and Industry Advisor

Scott has over four decades of success in international Medical Device markets with Hillrom, DeRoyal, CR Bard and Cardinal Health. Scott now brings his network and depth of experience to myCaribou. In senior leadership positions with multi-national organizations, Scott’s achievements include channel infrastructure creation, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, product and brand positioning, general management, and multiple stakeholder engagement—all on a global scale. At myCaribou, Scott facilitates relationships with industry partners to provide the company with meaningful development concepts for strategic direction.