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Save money and eliminate volatility on Foreign Exchange (FX)

Introducing Foreign Exchange and Payments from myCaribou, an innovative solution built specifically for the medtech industry.

Take the risk out of cross-currency payments

Money Savings

Our global network and industry-specific focus allows us to negotiate the best rates possible and pass these savings onto our users, up to 3%!

Simplified Process

With fully embedded FX payments solutions, eliminate FX risk for future payments and keep bureaucracy out of the picture with a single click.

Protected FX Rates

With our Lock-in future rates we ensure that your currency rates for Payables are fully safeguarded, even for future cancellations, which protects you against FX fluctuations.

Serious Security

We take risk and security seriously, that’s why we’ve partnered with the largest banks & liquidity partners globally. We shoulder all of the risk, so you don’t have to!

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How it works

Load your invoice details or create a budget amount within myCaribou.

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Select your currency and a real-time exchange rate or lock one in for a future date.

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myCaribou pays your supplier in their preferred currency and payment type on the due date.

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Our Secret Sauce

We feed predictive intelligence tools with robust data and insights based on our extensive past and present medtech user behavior, creating an industry specific risk profile exclusively for myCaribou. Along with this profile data, we use our partnerships with leading financial partners and top global banks, to allow us to take over future currency volatility risk on behalf of our users. myCaribou also leverages our huge network size to negotiate top tier rates and fees and pass these incredible savings onto you!

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