What our customers are saying.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Their experiences drive us to continually improve and provide the best products/services possible.

After using myCaribou for 6 months, I found more potential distributors than a year’s worth of conferences.
Bobby Allen, D. A. Surgical
We have gained many valuable contacts through posting opportunities and have been supported with great customer service! Would highly recommend using their platform.
Julia Krzystek, Urosystem
The team at myCaribou are incredibly easy to work with and have given us great support. The platform itself has been invaluable to us in expanding our international distributor network – easy to navigate and has a wealth of information.
Alana Rodgers, Eakin Surgical
As a US government distributor, their ability to hone in on manufacturers/OEM’s that are looking to increase their footprint in the US government space has allowed my company to expand into new avenues of business.
Darla Halfarce, Metro Medical Equipment & Supply
It didn’t take much to dig in a well-curated, extensive database of contacts which are actual, existing companies. I quickly learned that the (growing) list of companies is but a “tip of the iceberg” of analytic tools that an experienced person can use when planning a strategy.
Tomasz Górecki, Key Account Manager, Meden-Inmed