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Save money and eliminate volatility on Foreign Exchange (FX)

Achieve remarkable savings and experience financial security with myCaribou’s Foreign Exchange (FX) solution, a groundbreaking tool that eliminates FX volatility, built specifically for the Medtech industry!

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How it works

With myCaribou, you gain real time access to highly competitive FX rates, or the ability to lock in your rate for up to 350 days – no collateral and no minimums required.  myCaribou eliminates the risk of future exchange rate volatility and protects your margins.

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*The displayed spot rates are mid-market values. Live rates within myCaribou may be 30 basis points or more favorable.

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Take the risk out of cross-currency payments

Unbeatable Rates

Our global network and industry-specific focus allows us to negotiate the best rates possible and pass these savings onto our users, up to 5%!

Margin Protection

Eliminate margin impacts from currency changes.  Lock in highly competitive future exchange rates at the push of a button and protect your bottom line.

Improved Cashflow

Zero collateral and no minimum transaction limits or margin calls.

That means you can keep your cash until The due date and maximize working capital.

Peace of mind

We take risk and security seriously, that’s why we’ve partnered with the largest banks & liquidity partners globally.  We shoulder all of the risk so you don’t have to.

Our Winning Formula

We feed predictive intelligence tools with robust data and insights based on our extensive past and present medtech user behavior, creating industry specific risk profiles exclusively for myCaribou, then use our partnerships with leading financial partners and top global banks, to take over currency volatility risk on behalf of our users. Our massive network allows us to negotiate top-tier rates and fees, and pass these incredible savings onto you!


myCaribou FX & Payments is free for distributors and there are no hidden fee’s or charges to deposit or withdraw your funds! 

There is no commitment, once you have onboarded simply access the tool as needed, no contract term, minimum or collateral required 

You can open a myCaribou FX & Payments business account if your company is registered in one of the countries below: 

Australia Finland Lithuania  Singapore
Austria France Malaysia Slovakia
Belgium Germany Mexico Slovenia
Bulgaria Greece Netherlands Spain
Canada Hong Kong New Zealand Sweden
Chile Hungary Norway  Thailand
Croatia Indonesia Philippines United Arab Emirates
Czechia Italy Poland United Kingdom
Denmark Japan Portugal  United States
Estonia Latvia Romania

Below is a list of all the currencies that you can exchange:


You can lock rates for up to 350 days and the funds are not due until the settlement date. 

No! myCaribou FX and Payments is built specifically for the Medtech industry and does not require any collateral helping users better utilize cashflow and grow their business. 

myCaribou has no minimum transaction size requirements and no collateral is needed to book a future rate! 

myCaribou will feature a full suite of global payments options to be made direct to your suppliers anywhere in the world in early Q1 of 2024Until then enjoy free deposits and withdrawals and take advantage of incredible savings and the ability to lock rates for up to 350 days!

Reserve Access now and one of our onboarding specialists will be in touch to select a date and time that best works for youThere are no obligations or fees to use myCaribou FX & Payments. 

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