Overcoming the financial challenges healthcare organizations face in technology and medical equipment acquisition.

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During the pandemic, hospitals set a freeze on new equipment, surgeries, and services. As we have entered a post-pandemic environment, a rush to acquire these technologies has resulted in many hospitals facing financial strain and struggling to maintain their budgets. 

Karl Storz, the innovative leader in endoscopic technology and imaging solutions, is not immune to this problem either.  However, by incorporating a framework that fosters flexible financing options, they have another tool to meet the demands of their customers’ struggle with limited capital and outdated equipment.

In collaboration with CHG-MERIDIAN, Karl Storz provides an additional finance and lifecycle solutions service to its customers. By leveraging innovative financial strategies, healthcare systems can enhance patient care, improve health outcomes, and build resilient healthcare infrastructure for the future.


  1. Leasing, rental, and financing options in the healthcare industry that can be leveraged by Manufacturers, Distributors and Sales Agents to drive revenue growth.
  2. Flexible technology procurement models that enable healthcare organizations to stay agile, leverage the latest advancements, and deliver high-quality patient care in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.
  3. Asset optimization for hospitals to determine the optimal use of their medical devices and technology to maximize their value and minimize costs. This can involve strategies such as inventory management, maintenance optimization, and utilization tracking.

Susan L. Xuereb
Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing, Canada
Karl Storz

A sales executive with 30+ years’ experience spanning the medical devices, and pharmaceutical industry.  Dedicated to positioning key organization’s Sales Teams for growth, by re-designing programs, and client offerings, from listening to customer’s needs and developing solutions that increase patient care and meet financial budgets.    

Susan has worked for major players in the Canadian market, including Baxter International Inc., Cardinal Health Canada, Teva Pharmaceuticals, ARJOHUTLEIGH (Getinge Group), and Becton Dickinson. 

Today, at KARL STORZ Endoscopy Canada, her responsibility expands across the Sales, Marketing, and OR1™ Integration Teams as the Senior Director.  Over the past 7 years, with her leadership, KARL STORZ Canada has continued to deliver improved client service by providing quality products with solutions to meet the ever-demanding financial limitations of healthcare. 

Paul Hemburrow
Senior Account Executive
CHG Meridian

Paul Hemburrow is a highly accomplished professional with extensive expertise in sales and marketing. Currently serving as Senior Account Executive, CHG Meridian Canada, he plays a crucial role in driving business growth and achieving revenue targets.

Prior to his current role, Paul held various senior positions in sales and marketing, accumulating a wealth of experience in both local and international markets. Paul possesses a deep understanding of the Canadian market landscape and has a proven track record of successfully launching and promoting products and services in healthcare and other diverse industries.