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Who is this session for?

Medtech distributors and manufacturers seeking investments, accelerated product adoption, improved distribution and enhanced product positioning.

Partner with KOLs to drive investments, clarify distribution preferences, influence product adoption, inform pricing, and support clinical insights

Medtech business leaders and distributors play essential roles in fundraising efforts, capturing investments, establishing and managing distribution, advancing product adoption and positioning leading technology to successful commercialization.

Hear how strategies for identifying and engaging the right Key Opinion Leaders with the requisite expertise, level of influence, vision, interpersonal skills and desire to lead clinical excellence can help to accomplish these significant and diverse objectives, and provide ongoing insight.

Key Insights:

  • How to identify and onboard the right KOLs for the range of tasks, confirming their commitment to the missions and maximizing the significant value they provide at every stage
  • How KOL insight and ability to communicate technology value drives investments, as financiers seek to fund technology that meets clinical need, delivers cost effective improved clinical outcomes and will thus drive adoption and ultimately ROI
  • The top 3 proven motivators that drive KOLs to align themselves with a technology manufacturer and distributor
  • How KOLs informing pricing and distribution preferences aligns with value analysis approval to propel product adoption
  • How the voice of a KOL can ensure that product training is executed so clinicians will listen, and thus product performance improves
  • Why KOL driven product development drives technology performance that not only drives but can lead physician product adoption

Nancy Patterson
President and CEO
Strategy Inc.

Nancy is a Venture Analyst, and Immunologist with an MBA, and has operational experience leading companies to be acquired by medical multinationals for up to $508M. Nancy has performed over 3000 Medtech KOL projects, each with a significant group of identified KOLs in the full range of clinical areas. Nancy is also an editor and chapter author for a 5-volume Elsevier series entitled Clinical and Medical Innovation and a Wolters Kluwer author on Orthopedic Technology Innovation.

Lauren Rodriguez
Vice President
Strategy Inc

Lauren has over 15 years experience in consulting for life science innovation with a focus on essential due diligence to support the commercialization strategies of medical technologies. Her work with Strategy Inc. over 12 years has supported numerous Innovator-KOL partnerships for commercialization, Board recommendations and the identification of investigators for pivotal trials. Additionally, Lauren has a background in Health Economics and Outcomes Research consulting where she co-authored an article on the cost-effectiveness of interventions.

Meet Strategy Inc

Strategy Inc. was founded in 2000 and has a global focus: 46% of their business is international. Clients include enterprise Medtech companies, distributors, VCs and emerging companies with technologies in all stages of the product lifecycle; however, nearly half of the innovations where clients seek Strategy Inc. insight are preclinical. Strategy Inc. is located in Austin, Texas, New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina. They offer a full suite of strategic medical device consulting services for essential financial and market due diligence combining rigorous analysis with decades of industry knowledge. Determining the value of innovation drives prioritization of resources, captures investment at the highest value and ensures selection of the indications with the highest probability for successful commercialization.