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This session made is for:

Medtech distributors and manufacturers seeking accelerated Value Analysis acceptance by healthcare facilities and GPOs and understanding of how the requirements and process ensures improved distribution and product positioning to unlock revenue.

Develop a Value Analysis Strategy built on understanding of the key considerations that drive Value Analysis Committee acceptance

The Value Analysis process is no longer reserved for only capital equipment but is now the driving methodology for all product purchasing decisions made by healthcare institutions and GPOs. Medtech innovators and distributors without the proper strategies and materials in place face significant delays getting their technologies accepted by hospitals and approved for sale. Learn more about who are Value Analysis decision makers, what matters most in a Value Analysis product review and how to plan for it.

Key Insights

  • How to develop an effective strategy to ensure Value Analysis Committee acceptance
  • The top factors a Value Analysis Committee considers when making a decision
  • Learn the economic advantages of planning for Value Analysis
  • The role of the vendor at each stage of the Value Analysis Process
  • The changing role of KOLs and physician champions to move your product through the Value Analysis Process
  • Common pitfalls to avoid and strategies for success to pursue instead

Nancy Patterson
President and CEO of Strategy Inc.

President and CEO of Strategy Inc., www.strategyinc.net founded her company in 2000. Nancy is a Venture Analyst, and Immunologist with an MBA, and has operational experience leading companies to be acquired by medical multinationals for up to $508M. The core competencies of Strategy Inc. lead entities with paradigm changing innovation to successful commercialization. Strategy Inc. is recognized as the preeminent lifescience due diligence company to support innovators seeking funding at the highest valuation. Strategy Inc. also identifies and supports innovation KOL partnerships. Additionally, Nancy is an editor and chapter author for a 5-volume Elsevier series entitled Clinical and Medical Innovation and a Wolters Kluwer author on Orthopedic Technology Innovation.

Lauren Rodriguez
Vice President of Strategy Inc.

Vice President of Strategy Inc., has over 15 years’ experience in consulting for life science innovation supporting the commercialization strategies of medical technologies. Her work with Strategy Inc. over 12 years has focused on new product planning and US product launch for emerging life science innovation and OUS entities seeking US market entry, and supported numerous Innovator-KOL partnerships for commercialization. Additionally, Lauren has a background in Health Economics and Outcomes Research consulting, where she co-authored an article on the cost-effectiveness of interventions.

Meet Strategy Inc.

Strategy Inc. has a global focus: 46% of their business is international. Clients include enterprise Medtech companies, distributors, VCs and emerging companies with technologies in all stages of the product lifecycle; however, nearly half of the innovations where clients seek Strategy Inc. insight are preclinical. Strategy Inc. is located in Austin, Texas, New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina. They offer a full suite of strategic medical device consulting services for essential financial and market due diligence combining rigorous analysis with decades of industry knowledge. Determining the value of innovation drives prioritization of resources, captures investment at the highest value and ensures selection of the indications with the highest probability for successful commercialization.