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SURVEY RESULTS: Challenges and Concerns of Foreign Exchange Costs and Volatility

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Over the past year, many currencies experienced staggering fluctuations of 8% to 30% against the USD and EUR over as little as 60 days. The question is: Can You Afford to Ignore FX Volatility?

Join us as we unravel the financial challenges affecting both distributors and manufacturers due to FX volatility and high exchange rates.

Led by Robert Bast, an experienced industry expert in Financial Technology and Products, we’ll debunk myths and provide strategic insights into how FX volatility hurts margins and how to quickly and easily reverse the challenges starting now.  

2:10: What’s new at myCaribou? Why an FX strategy in medtech?

4:03: What struggles do medtech manufacturers and distributors face around global payments?

6:18: Why are the exchange rates charged by banks are so expensive?

13:30: How important is having a proactive FX management strategy in medtech?

18:02: What misconceptions do medtech companies have about FX management?

26:30: How does myCaribou FX and Payments work?

Key Insights:

  • Understand how FX volatility hurts margins and purchasing power.
  • Manufacturer’s Stake: Learn how international payments can significantly impact manufacturer margin, order flow, working capital due to constraints on distributor partners.
  • What strategies and tools can be implemented to mitigate or even eliminate the harsh impact of FX volatility on margin
  • How to plan your fiscal year confidently and boost margins at the same time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your financial strategy and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving medtech industry.

Robert Bast
Head of Financial Solutions

Robert is a seasoned strategic leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years in finance, banking and consulting. He has worked and consulted with many global banks and financial associations including Citi, TD Bank, American Express, BMO Financial, Royal Bank, MasterCard and many others. After successfully launching several global financial products for the bank industry, Robert an established figure in Financial Technology and Global business products space, leveraged his experience to co-found WayPay, a global B2B payments automation and financing company which would later be acquired by (RBC) Royal Bank of Canada in 2019.

In his current role as the co-founder and Head of Financial Strategies for myCaribou, Robert is building our a medtech-specific financial solutions ecosystem, leveraging key global partnerships, and bringing economies of scale, innovation and financial value to the Medtech industry. With a keen eye on the impact of outdated processes, high costs and a real need for change in the financial markets, he provides invaluable guidance for medtech distributors and manufacturers.